Ohlsdorf Cemetery

Ohlsdorf Cemetery is known for its wonderful scenery, its beautiful sculptures and its graves of celebrities. About two million people visit the cemetery every year.



Ohlsdorf Cemetery was established in 1877. It is open to all religious denominations. The burial site covers nearly 400 hectares and is one of the world's largest and finest cemeteries.


Twelve chapels, three museums and the graves of soldiers from more than twenty nations are among the reasons why visitors from all over the world come to Ohlsdorf.



Inside the cemetery's 17 km road network car traffic is permitted. Cars can access the cemetery by one of the four entrance gates. Two public bus lines circle the cemetery area.



Since its opening in 1877 nearly 1.4 million burials have taken place in Ohlsdorf Cemetery, and at present there are 256,000 graves.




The cemetery is not only used as a burial ground, but also as a recreational area. With its magnificent trees and rhodendondron bushes, its impressive mausoleums, its sculptures of angels, its ponds and birds, Ohlsdorf Cemetery is an oasis of nature and peace.



Mausoleum Riedemann